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New Orleans, LA Therapist

"Tell me, what is it you want to do with your wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

Life can be difficult at times. We all get stuck; stuck in a problem, stuck in a rut, stuck in a lonely place. No matter what developmental stage we are in, sometimes our worries and depression can interfere with our life and our relationships.However, pain can be healed and transformed.

Are you an adolescent or young adult? How is high school or college experience working for you? Is your life enriched by new discoveries, opportunities and rewarding relationships?

Are you a recent graduate from college? Have you found your own unique style or are you permitting the 'everyone-does-it crowd' to influence you? Do you feel isolated and alone?  Are you afraid of finding the right job?
 Perhaps you are an adult in mid-life or later facing difficulties in personal relationships or at a crossroad in your career. Perhaps you have reached a time of life when the realities of getting older seem overwhelming. Are you exploring new interests now that your children are grown? Are you retired or facing divorce, bereavement or medical challenges?  My goal is to help you discover resiliency, hope, meaning and coping skills in  the process of a challenging situation or life transition.

I work with individuals of all ages and life experiences who are in transition or are seeking fulfillment and self growth.  For 16 of those years I have specialized in assisting undergraduate and graduate students navigate the educational pressures and social expectations of college life.  I also offer counseling and  consulting services to local high schools experiencing challenges within their student populations.

I have conducted extensive research in the field of resiliency and life transitions. My studies, my work  as a psychotherapist and my own personal experiences convince me that anyone can learn to adapt well and recover positively after stress, adversity, trauma, tragedy or major life transitions.

If you are looking for extra support or guidance through a challenging situation or if you are just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I can help you identify and remove obstacles that are standing in the way of finding your true power and joy. Through psychotherapy, untapped strengths and  capacities can emerge. 

Dr. Eileen Wynne
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