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Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks

PRACTICAL DREAMS: Are you facing failure or rejection? Look again. Perhaps it's actually opportunity you see.

"If one dream should break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick up one of those pieces and start again".  ~ Flavia

Sometimes, a dream as you first envision it doesn't work out for you.  Don't give up.  Re-evaluate that dream.  Perhaps you can adapt pieces of it into something just as rewarding. Adaptation is a creative process, not a symbol of failure.  I call adaptation practical dreaming.  A dream that didn't work as you envisioned it may prove to be your greatest success.  From one broken dream you may discover a thousand more to pursue.
Here is a simple visualization to help you begin to reconstruct a dream.  Visualization techniques are most effective when you engage them daily.
Choose a quiet place.  Relax in a meditation position that is comfortable for you.  Close your eyes if you prefer.  
Begin to breathe - deeply, slowly, regularly.
Let yourself imagine....
Near you is a shimmering blanket of white light.  Reach out, feel its softness and warmth. Pull its protective layers around you.  Bury your face in its soft folds.  Inhale its warmth, lightness and comfort.  Inhale.  Feel the fibers moving into the farthest reaches of your being.  Exhale any dark clouds of discouragement, failure and self-doubt, any anger and negativity that distracts you from your purpose.
When you are relaxed and at peace with yourself, think about your original dream. Imagine it breaking into pieces.
Select  one piece and set the rest aside for now.  Examine it carefully.  What attracted you to this segment?  Can you adapt it into a new beginning?  
What steps can you take today to build this practical dream? 
If you would like someone to help you construct or reconstruct the dreams you have for your life, contact me! My Life Coaching services can help you discover and live the dream life you desire! I currently have a limited number of spots available in my private therapy and coaching practice in Uptown New Orleans. You may call me to make an appointment at 504-481-8997.
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