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Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks

LIFE AFTER OZ: I was petrified (but I did it anyway.)

"Frightened?  Child, you're talking to a man who's laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom and chuckled at catastrophe ... I was petrified. "  

  -- The Wizard of Oz


None of us escape life's first- and last-time moments.  In large ways and small we encounter them repeatedly.  Births and deaths. Our very first day in the very first grade at school,  our very last day in the familiar halls of college.  Everyone takes those first steps into the adult world of work and relationships.  Some of us have to move beyond loss or injustice to find ourselves again.  Whatever challenges us, we can learn to appreciate the opportunities, that a new start  provides, even if beginning something new is scary.


The Premiere Balloonist for the Miracle Wonderland Carnival Company was petrified when his hot air balloon drifted beyond the reach of earth.  When he landed in Oz, the residents of the Emerald City gave the circus performer a royal title.  He became 'Oz, Wizard Deluxe!"  And as Oz explained to Dorothy, "Times being what they were, I accepted the job." 


Oz embraced his new role despite his fears and he adapted with remarkable inventiveness. He even acquired some wisdom along the way.  In his final hours as Wizard of Oz he advised the Cowardly Lion:  "Being scared doesn't make you a coward, but not facing your fears does."


Pushing fear aside so that we can adapt and grow through our wins and our losses is a hallmark of successful living.

As therapist and life coach, I work with people daily who struggle but overcome the challenges that life throws at them.  If I can help you in such a struggle, I invite you to call for an appointment.  I currently have a limited number of openings in my private practice and you can reach me at 504-481-8997.
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